Monday, September 19, 2011

Unveiling The Kings of Israel, by David Down

This is a stunning book on fascinating archeology in the Holy Land!  You will travel through the land from Abraham till Yeshua.  The Appendix has information that will help bring to life the importance of various archeological finds for both you and your children..

I was more than pleased when this book arrived!  The cover is beautiful, the pages are clean and bright with clear and exciting pictures!  That was my first assessment as the book was then in the hands of my children until they had gone through the book from cover to cover.

Once I had it back in my hands I was very happy with the textual content as well.  David Down has done a wonderful job in capturing the heart of Biblical (and non-Biblical) archeological discoveries that make the stories of the Bible come to life. 

Reading about Petra and Jezreel, Egypt and Assyria is fascinating!  Seeing how the places interact with the main players of the stories makes it all seem so much more life like.  It is interesting to go back and reread the Biblical accounts after reading this book. You will see a major difference in how you approach the Word of G-d when you add archeological facts and treat it like pearls of history instead of cute Sunday School stories.

I highly recommend this book!  I give this book five stars for the content as well as the appearance.  Every school and library needs this book and defiantly every home educating family…or people who just like archeology!
You can read an excerpt, here, from our affiliate

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*I recieved this book free from New Leaf Publishing Group for this review.