Monday, September 19, 2011

The 2012 Biblical Guide To Voting

This book is a guide that covers three major elements Economic, Social and National policies.  As the voting time draws near, this book will help you to know which direction to focus your energy in understanding the candidates past the commercials, media and mudslinging.  What order of importance you put these issues in however, that is up to you.

My Thoughts: First of all, this was not a long hard read.  It was a fast and efficient read, just what I like regarding a topic like this.  There is no preaching, just facts and Bible verses laid out for you to analyze and then come to your own conclusions.

The nice part about this book is that it is written for both the liberal and the Conservative.  Everyone interprets the Bible differently and sees the same verse through many different lenses…so this book allows for that.  Whether it is right or wrong, this book does tolerate whatever walk you are coming from.

Personally, there are viewpoints that I do not agree with at all such as what should and should not be on a federal or state level.  There are things I am looking for in a candidate that this book does not and will not address as I think out of the box and read my history. 

The average American will do well to read this book.  It will not take long and soccer moms can read it while the kids are at practice, dads can read it on their lunch break at work, and teens can easily read and understand this book for the discussions that will be taking place in the classroom closer to election time.  I do recommend this book!

You can read an excerpt of this book, here, from our affiliate

I have recieved this book for free from Charisma House Publishers for this review, thank you so much!