Tuesday, June 21, 2011


No matter how you got here, I am so glad that you have come!  As I continue this journey of writing and sharing my views in life, I hope that you will share yours as well.  My family may live very differently from yours and believe differently, but that does not mean we cannot discuss the issues.
I am very Conservative in politics.  In upcoming posts, you will see where I stand on the issues such as life, liberty, social justice, Israel and more.  I don't just want to write what I believe and leave it there, I want to know what you think as well.  As I write, how do my ideas impact your family and those around you?  If you become offended by something, I want to know why.  Please be open and honest with me about your beliefs as I will be open and honest with you.
Not only myself, but my entire family has chosen to live out our faith in every area.  This includes how we dress, speak, act, do business and even in how we eat.  We want to please HaShem in every breath we take in public and in private, including our thoughts.  Are we perfect?  No, but we do have a higher standard to live up to in choosing the Messianic Jewish faith.  The laws of HaShem hold us to a much higher level of accountability than we ever thought we would live in before choosing this path.
As you read this blog, you will notice that my worldview is much different than other people you may come across.  Because I am so firmly rooted in faith in HaShem, this is how I see the world.  He is the King and Creator of the Universe as stated in Genesis.  Everything in life revolves around its Maker.  So you will see a perspective in politics and perhaps even in cooking that may be different from your own approach.
I hope that you will find this blog different and refreshing from what is generally out there.  I hope that if I do nothing else, that you will be challenged to rethink where you stand in every area of life.  Do you live life based on family tradition or do you live life based on beliefs that are firmly rooted and immovable?  Be encouraged, be challenged and be blessed!

Thank you for visiting!