Friday, October 7, 2011

Film Classic Friday Link-Up 10.7.11

Yay, your here to link up and celebrate true theatrical talent! You know what I mean...back in the day where there were hardly any special effects, the backdrops were hand painted instead of digital and the talent was really talent...they did their own singing and dancing! We did not have cable...except for the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) marathons which my mother watched and planned for. Then, those were serious movie recording weekends!

As my mother and grandmother loved music, it was only natural that we gravitated toward the musicals and of course comedies. My family loved to laugh! There are so many great lines that I can remember us all laughing uncontrollably over. These were great and wonderful memories and I would love to relive them with you!

Have you ever heard of Charlotte Greenwood?  She is a trip!  She has some of the best lines and her classic "dance move" that you will see in the clip below as Mrs. Potter from, "The Gangs All Here."  I just loved her movies growing up, she always put a smile on my face!  She is my choice for this weeks letter "C" for actors, actresses, producers, directors or classic film titles.

Would you like to join in the fun? By all means! Just link up your post, it will be open all week! If you would like, you can take the button with you so that others can join in the fun as well.

See you here next week as we celebrate actors, actresses, directors, producers and classic film titles that start with the letter, "D!"