Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Voices From My Childhood...On The Television

I grew up in the country for most of my youngest childhood years and honestly, I remember more voices from television than I do outside of it.  I spent most of my time outdoors, but growing up in Minnesota, there were some days where the weather was just too awful to go outside and play.  If the cars were moved out of the garage, I was allowed to roller skate in the garage.  On days where I was inside most of the day I did art projects at the table or played with dolls while something was on the television for background noise.

Every once in awhile I com across these television shows whether on DVD or stumble across an article about someone that has passed away.  I am very excited to share these memories with you today, do you remember any of these programs?  What are some of the voices from your childhood memories?

Bob Ross

Happy trees, happy clouds, and joy!  I do not believe there has been anyone that could see painting in the happy way that he did!  His voice was so soothing that I would usually go to sleep for my nap listening to him talk about happy trees and fluffy clouds.  His entire Joy of Painting series is available on Amazon.com!

Julia Childs

I remember sitting at the table for lunch watching Julia Childs...she must have been on at lunch time.  Her voice is so endearing and she always made something mouth watering all while keeping her sense of humor!  Her DVD set, The French Chef is available on Amazon.com.

The Frugal Gourmet

If lunch ended up taking awhile...such as Grandma trying to feed me beets or liver, then The Frugal Gourmet would come on after Julia Childs.  Jeff Smith was so funny, he had such a great sense of humor and his love for life permeated the whole show!  I highly recommend his cookbook, The Frugal Gourmet available on Amazon.com.

Lawrence Welk

Ever since I can remember, Saturday nights with my Grandparents meant watching the Lawrence Welk show.  I liked him, his voice reminded me of my Great-Grandpa who was Czech and spoke with an accent similar to Mr. Welks.  The Classic Episodes Volume 1-4 are available on Amazon.com if this brings back memories for you too!

Bob Barker

The Price Is Right Music...who can forget it?  Once in awhile I had to go to the babysitters.  They lived on a farm and when the big tractors went through the yard I had to stay inside so that I did not get run over.  Usually that happened when The Price Is Right came on.  Bob Barker was exactly right for the job...everyone loved his voice for that show!

Pat Sajak

Every night right after the news, my grandparents watch Wheel of Fortune like clock work.  I love the subtle humor that Pat Sajak has with people who are on the show, including Vanna White.  It is incredible how much this show has changed through the years...decades.

Andy Rooney

My Grandpa watched 60 Minutes like clock work every Sunday night.  His favorite part was Andy Rooney.  I think they must have discussed 60 Minutes at the all guys Monday morning coffee get together.  Whatever the reason, my Grandpa would leave family get togethers early just to get home and turn on 60 Minutes.  We joke that my Grandpa will not pass away until the show ends for good, "He can't leave until the last 60 Minutes."

Ronald Reagan

Both of former President Ronald Reagan's terms were served during my childhood.  He is in my top 5 favorite American Presidents!  I loved his humor, and respected his tenacity for freedom as shown in the Berlin Wall standoff.  As he was the President, I remember him being on the news alot.  The DVD, Ronald Reagan-An American President is available on Amazon.com.

Bill Cosby

My mother loved Bill Cosby!  For the most part his humor was very family friendly and so she would play him on the record player. Later on he would be one of the main stars of The Cosby Show, one of my favorite television programs if I was allowed to pick what we watched!  The DVD, Bill Cosby Himself is available on Amazon.com if you were a fan of him too!

LeVar Burton

I loved Reading Rainbow!  It was not until I was older that I learned to love Star Trek, The Next Generation.  I remember watching Reading Rainbow and getting ideas for new books to check out of the Library and then wanting to go to the Library right away!  LeVar Burton has a wonderful voice and did such an impressive job with both Reading Rainbow and also Star Trek.

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