Monday, September 19, 2011

The Life Of John Knox

The Life of John Knox is a vintage account (1833) of the life of the renowned Christian Reformer.  For better or for worse, the account drives through from the early years till his death.  This is a reprint of the original publication.  The printing and graphics are exactly as they would have appeared with the first printing. 

My Thoughts:  The actual book itself is beautiful!  The edges of the pages are torn so as to give it a more vintage look, the outer cover is reminiscent of a book that has seen better days all while the binding is tight and the pages are clean.  I was thrilled to hold it in my hands and just look at it, this was very well put together!

As for the content, it was a hard read for me.  Most of the accounts were detailed and dry.  It was very tough to make sense of what was happening and I found myself looking times and culture up whether through Google or the encyclopedia just to make sure I was understanding certain practices correctly.

I will say that I was horrified at John Knox few statements towards the Jewish people.  But, I guess I have to realize that coming away from the Catholic church in that time period did not necessarily erase the racist mentality, nor promote an awareness that the G-d he worshipped chose the Jewish people above all others…hence the Messiah coming from them and no other race or creed.  However, he had persistence and passion that few possess today and there is much that students today can still learn from him.

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*I recieved this book free from New Leaf Publishing Group for this review.