Monday, September 19, 2011

George Washington Carver, by John Perry

This is a beautiful, although short book about the life of George Washington Carver.  The author, John Perry, does a wonderful job of bringing him to life for us to get to know Mr. Carver and love him!  His personality shines through and his work ethic is rarely matched in our modern days.  He came from a very humble beginning, but through perseverance he is known all across America for his discoveries, primarily with the peanut.

My Thoughts:  This book was a rather short read as I had it finished in a matter of hours.  Growing up, our library was limited so this was a great treat for me to learn about George Washington Carver after only reading snippets about him here and there, so I was pleased to finally have more substantial information on him.  I thought it was well written and introduced me to a man that I had been curious about for quite some time. 

I was entirely impressed with his work ethic.  Nothing ever seemed to get him down.  No matter how tough things would get, he would just creatively make it work out.  He lived in some terrible areas, but also lived in some very nice areas too.  He always seemed to be rather optimistic and was a wonderful example of ingenuity and creativity!

Overall, I was impressed with his life.  I liked the book and do think that more students need to read this and see the finer points of working hard.  I hope this book makes it into the hands of many American children!

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