Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My America 7.20.11

How does it come to be that some children are allowed a very bright future and others are not?  Some parents go to very great lengths to enhance their children's future to the best of their ability and other parents do not seem to care at all believing that what was good enough for them is good enough for their children.

Most children are subject to the enslavement of what we refer to as public education and few people are willing to acknowledge that it really is public indoctrination, not education.  For the parents that are doing all they can to promote a healthy future for their little ones...why is this the best they can offer their children?  When we begin to do our own research and look into what is happening in the public school system, suddenly...the bright futures just do not seem to be as bright.  In fact, it begins to blur and almost fade away, disappearing into a Socialist Regime.

So how can we salvage what is left of a runny watercolor painting?  First of all, we must acknowledge that there are real people out there that do not believe we can raise our own children.  If you do not believe me, please visit  Second, we must convince ourselves that the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," is not necessarily correct.  It depends entirely upon what village you live in, there are just some villiages I do not want around my kids.  Thirdly, why are we allowing people who have never met our children tell us how to educate them, do these people know our children better than ourselves (dreams, goals, aspirations, etc)?

Practically speaking, what can you do?  I don't know what you can do only you can answer that, but I will share what I am doing.  First of all, we are entering our second year of home education.  My boys are already well beyond their peers, however looking at the standards of the 1700's (the Founding Fathers era) they are a bit behind.  I have shown them (by example) my love of learning and how it can be completely fun!  They have picked up on the enthusiasm and that I believe is a key component to making home education work.

Second, there are two things here that are related.  I do not work outside of the home.  We have a traditional family, Papa provides and Mama takes care of everything else.  Was our budget on track to do this?  No.  But, we have seriously cut expenses and weeded out everything we can do without (no cable, no make-up, no shopping sprees, one car family, etc.).  We have a garden and are growing as much of our own food as possible (grow little plants, grow).  I am in charge of my own online business(es).  We use coupons and stick to a budget.  There is so much more, but this is not the point I am trying to make.

IndoctriNation Trailer from IndoctriNation on Vimeo.

The point that I am trying to make is this...what is your childs future worth to you?  What sacrifices are you willing to make to ensure they have far better than what you had, more potential, and more creativity and freedom to carve out their place in life?  I am not talking about the latest clothes or toys, I am talking about a solid foundation, a true education and a real possiblity of a creative and bright future (involving really hard, but satisfying work). The choices that you make now will affect multiple generations. What kind of parents are you educating for your future grand-children and great-grand children; what will the future generations learn from your children?  Will they forever learn to just get by with a broken educational/institutional system, or will they learn from your children how to seek out knowledge and embrace learning of all kinds?

If for any reason you are unable to home educate at the moment, you MUST fight the system.  This is imperative.  The whole time my boys were in the public school system, they (the women of the school...teachers, principles and board) were trying to get my children on drugs.  They picked the wrong tiger to tangle with.  I was referred to by a family member as, "Give 'em Hell Harry!" This due to the fight I put up.  I would not let them run me over and medicate my children just because they were normal, very active boys.  You must get out of your comfort zone and fight for the well-being of your children no matter how unpopular you become.

Now, I want to hear from you. 
1. What do you think of our current educational system? 
2. What problems have you encountered and what has been your solution? 
3. Do you believe the system is broke and if so, what do you suggest as a solution or an alternative?

Here is a comment from a viewer on YouTube:

Johann Gottlieb Fichte (Prussian/US EDU founder) said that above all else, education should “destroy free will”. He set about designing a method to make this happen (through constant interruption of thought, segregating subjects, intellectual and emotional conditioning, etc.). He said, "When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen."