Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things I Do Now (...while trying not to die of boredom.)

Yes, it is official.  Just being "mom" is just not all its cracked up to be for some people.  For me, this has never been more evident than lately.  The kids are growing up, my husband has a life outside of our home and here I am...yes, just here, breathing.  It would have been different being home with them when they were young, but I came in too late and have to deal with the lot in life I have been given.

I am not complaining after all I have learned some new skills.  Seriously, that sounds even more boring than it actually is!  Since my adrenaline junkie days have come to an end, now I...do other things.  Things that involve my brain and not muscle.  This is just sounding worse and worse isn't it?  Try living it.

What activities have you replaced your past with?  What are you doing now?  Are you satisfied or do you kind of feel left out when you see others "living it up?"

Here is my list of top ten activities I now do instead of climbing cliffs, skating with wheels or blades, and playing with weapons.

I have a sewing machine and a serger.  Go me.

I learned this as a little girl and have taken it up again.

I can cook the socks off of Julia Childs.

My new challenge is finding super tasty vegan baking recipes of all kinds.

I am always getting interested in something or other and want to know the where, when, why's and how's about it!

I stick my nose in where it does not belong regularly.

I developed a green thumb I did not know I had.

Texas is not the easiest place to keep a house clean...there is always dust!

My book list continues to grow, and grow, and grow some more!  Non-fiction mostly...so much to learn about, so little time.

Stare Out The Window
Not really...but I could not find a good video for blogging that I liked. 

Top Ten {Tuesday}