Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Activities I Miss The Most

So last week I revealed that I have a back problem (due to an accident and genetic disorder) and I cannot roller skate anymore.  There are many things I cannot do anymore and it felt like my entire life was stripped away.  Some days are harder than others, but for the most part it is a mind over matter concept.  If I force myself to think of something other than what I want to be doing, it does not seem as bad as it could be.  There are many valuable lessons for my kids to learn from if they choose to learn from they way I have to live now.  Another person that I want them to look to, someone with some major challenges is Nick Vujick.

Let me explain that if you saw me walking on the street, you would never know that I have a back problem.  First of all, I hide it well.  I could walk with a limp or a gait, but I discipline myself to walk as normally as possible.  I also have an ugly deformity due to the injured area which I try to keep hidden by the way I dress.  This is done better with skirts than with pants.  The only time you would know I had an issue is if you asked me to do something I simply cannot do.  For starters, I am not supposed to be lifting more than ten pounds at a time...thankfully I have two boys and a husband that help me with the lifting around here.  Second...long walks or running...that is not going to happen.

Is there anything you miss?  It could be from childhood, before children, income changes...whatever.  What do you miss...is it something you could get back?

Here is my list of the top 10 active things (in no particular order) that I miss doing...I once took all of these for granted thinking that they would just continue forever.  Funny how life can change so dramatically.

Working Out At The Gym
As crazy as it sounds, I miss leg presses and crunches!  When I was not at the gym, I had something going on at home...yes, I am an orgininal P90X-er...no one would ever be able to see it now.

Roller Skating
The music is still good.

Horsing Around With The Kids
My kids resent this as much as I do.  I was unable to pick them up and throw them in the air, run with them, or do strenuous activities with them starting when they were toddlers.

Even small inclines or declines can hurt after a short distance.

Horseback Riding
I simply did not do this enough in my lifetime.

Roller Coasters
Amusement parks are now only for the kids and my camera.  Many happy memories of hard earned baby-sitting money was spent at Valleyfair in Minnesota.  I cannot take the jerking and whipping around anymore...I really miss the adrenaline rush!

Figure Skating
In the winter you could find me most mornings out on the ice...the warming house was for wimps...skate till you cannot feel your legs!!!

Rock Climbing
This is how the accident happened.  I fell hard, but the injury ended up being progressive and was not caught in time.  I really miss the rush of clinging to a sheer wall of rock!

Soccer (football to those outside the USA)
I was never on a team but I loved to play!  I loved to try doing tricks with the ball and power kicking into a goal!  So fun!  Neither of the boys are very interested however.

Don't ask...you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Top Ten {Tuesday}