Sunday, July 24, 2011

Already Compromised, by Ken Ham and Greg Hall

Already Compromised is an excellent book for any parent or student to read before setting foot into any higher learning educational institution.  Most colleges and universities fail the high expectations of well intentioned parents, but a religiously affiliated institution is expected to have a higher level of standards.  This book shows where the Christian affiliated institutions are sitting currently.

I am a firm believer that no young person should set foot in any educational institution until their beliefs are so firmly grounded that they cannot be swayed by winds of doctrine.  That fact was one of many that helped to peak my interest about this book.  Sadly, in my view, the majority of educational institutions I view as indoctrination, not education at all.  This book grounds my conservative views on that concept even more.

There were many, many questions that were asked of the professional elite of these schools.  The underlying factor that I see from these are that the staff and faculty are not on the same page.  There is no unity.  Sadly, with the numerous denominations and doctrines floating around, there can be no unity.  Ultimately, the original purpose of these schools will fail and become nothing more than a secular business venture if unity and agreement cannot be found.

All in all, I recommend Already Compromised.  In fact, this is an excellent book whether you are Christian or another religious affiliation as it will pose the hard questions to you and make you look at higher education (or indoctrination) in a fresh and new way.

I recieved this book free for my review from Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishers.