Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unwanted Visitor...Unexpected Excitement!

According to some resources there are only 72 species of snakes in Texas and others say there are over 100.  Some people claim there are only 6 poisonous species and others claim 11 or more.  Who knows?  Who cares?  I hate them all!!! 

Same goes for this one...that invaded my backyard today.  First we had to identify if it was poisonous.  No, apparently it is a Rat Snake and non-venomous.  Still hate it.  So, my brave son got it off the property.  I don't care what he did with it as long as it is no where around here.

I bet he ate Charlie.  Charlie was a little cute chameleon that was living outside of our front door in a bush.  We have not seen Charlie in more than a week.  I bet this invader ate our little friend.  Snakes are evil creatures...they eat our friends.  Sad.

So now I am really jumpy and fidgety.  I scared our poor little puppy when she brushed up against my leg and I screamed.  Oh well...if it gets too bad later, I will just go and take a nap.

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