Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Need Your Help!

As you know...I am Superwoman.  Yes, you can start laughing now.  No, I would not say that I am Superwoman (unless jokingly), but I would say that I am extremely busy with more going on than I every thought possible.  On top of everything else that I do, I have decided to start up an Etsy shop again.  Here is where I need your help.

Years ago, I had made a name for myself making and selling masks.  Carnival and Mardi Gras style masks.  I shipped worldwide and they were a hit!  Every single mask was unique and individual and made from the best creativity I could muster.  I learned alot about business and also learned many practical tricks of the trade.  I was self taught on most things, but did have a couple of mentors.  I have a natural talent and flair for mask making.  See the below pictures...

Here is my dilemma.  As a firm believer in Yeshua...should I continue with the mask making?  I love theater and opera and know there is a market out there, but would I end up offending others in the faith by doing this?  What are your thoughts?

I would love to get into making 18 inch doll clothes.  To continue, I need to purchase a serger.  That is not in the budget at this time.  So...meanwhile, I need to make something to sell, to save the money and purchase a serger.  Do you see the vicious cycle?

Here is a thought.  I have been doing embroidery for years...since I was about seven years old, thanks to the patience and persistence of my Grandmother.  In the past, I have made my own elaborate embroidered ribbon trims.  Do you think there would be a market for something like this?  This picture is of a one inch grosgrain ribbon with embroidered bullion roses on it.  There actually are for the bottom of an eighteen inch doll dress and one for the waistband with only three roses on it.

I need your help...I really do!  What do you think about me selling embroidered trims on there a market for this?  What are your thoughts and opinions?  Would you please pass this on to other crafters for their opinion as well?

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