Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Seraph Seal, by Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner

As you travel though this book, The Seraph Sealyou will be counting down to the end of days.  You will visit many countries, meet several very interesting characters and be forced to really think.  It is the struggle between good and evil, the challenge of love vs. hate, and the ever consuming question, “What do you really believe, and how did you come to believe what you do?”
In the very start of the book…even before the story, during the acknowledgements and a well written essay, the author is clear that not everyone will agree with the outcome of this book.  I found this fascinating.  As I read, I kept the story at arm’s length to really decipher what they were trying to say.  There were some things I agreed with, but many of the ideas I did not.  This is for every reader to distinguish for themselves.
I loved the writing style and being able to continue jumping from place to place.  It was fast paced and very stimulating.  What I did not like was the heavy draw to Catholicism and Kabbalah.  Those are two things I do not agree with personally, although it did make for a very interesting story as well as pulling in other ancient cultures for the authors to come to their conclusion.  The ingredients they used were not my favorites, but the final recipe was masterful.
This book is not for the faint of heart, the casual reader, or someone that just wanting to pass the time.  This is a highly engaging, well written novel that will have you in suspense many times and yet wanting to pull out the encyclopedia or Google information and make your own conclusions as you go along.  This book is meant for a deep thinker; someone who will analyze the information presented and not be willing to have a conclusion drawn for them. 
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