Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Is Time For A Makeover!!!

First of all, I have to share with you how important it is to me as a keeper of my home to make it fit the tastes of my family while still being educationally, mentally and spiritually stimulating.  I grew up in a family...generations back where the whole house reflected only the wife and mother.  Most people would say this is fair, but I don't agree.  I am not the only person who lives in my home and my husband is the head of my home.  So that leaves me the job (one of many) to find a way to incorporate his vision for our family with style (on a budget) and yet it must have the ability to be lived in since we are all home bodies.

I do have one very special place that is just for me though, sort of.  It is my desk.  Of course the boys come here to play games (regulated) and we use this desktop computer for watching films or listenting to music or podcasts (we do not own a TV nor do we want to), but for the most part, it is my domain.  So...Blessings Unlimited has their Spring Sale and I want to show you a few things that I am going to take advantage of to spruce up my desk.  It is in need of some visual happiness.  Let me know what you think!

Here is the Hope Desk Set, isn't it cute?  It comes with eight file folders, twelve note cards, two magnets and one magnetic notepad.  Here is the best part...the price.  It is on sale for only $6.00 (regularly $26.00) and you cannot even beat that price at the Dollar Store!

I am a list maker and this will be indispensable to me.  It is the Hope Magnetic Memo Board and Mouse Pad set.  You can actually make lists on the mouse pad too...PERFECT!  Again, the best part is the price!  It is on sale for $4.00 (regularly $20.00).  Not bad at all!

Here is the really cute Grace Perpetual CalendarDon't you just love it?  And of course it is so well coordinated with the other things.  The sale price is $7.00...getting up there, but at least it is down quite a bit from the regular price of $32.00.

Here is the super cute Blessings Paper Weight!  Even if I don't actually use it, I would like it just sitting on my desk...because I love Blessings!  The price is nice too, only $3.00!

I realize that we live in a world of technology, but I still like to keep a hand written planner...just in case everything else fails.  The Rain On Me Planner is perfect and will look nice with all the other lovely items.  The sale price is just $6.00 (regularly $22.00)!

And yes...besides my Outlook Calendar, hand written planner, the calendar on my bulletin board and my phone...then of course I need a calendar just for the Special Days (p.s. our anniversary is coming up very soon)!  I do like this one alot, it looks happy!  The sale price is $7.00, down from $18.00.

This Wooden Stationary Box is adorable!  It does not match anything above, but I think I will just take out the note cards and keep them in a drawer and use the box to keep sewing notions in.  The sale price is $10.00 which is down from $21.00.

This has nothing to do with my desk, but I am going to get two of these Family Heirloom Boxes while they are on sale for my boys future Bar Mitzvahs and I will see if I can find a Torah that will neatly fit inside of it without getting squished.  The sale price is $29.00 which is a large drop from $75.00!

This Magnetic Canvas Board is not on sale, but it is on my wish list for our dining room as a possibility.  I think it is adorable!

So what do you think?  Do you like my soon-to-be desk makeover?  It is going to cost me $43.00 plus shipping instead of the regular price of  $155.00!!!  Do you like the colors, the sayings and the prices?  I would love some feedback!  Let me know! 

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