Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mopping The Floors

I am tackeling my floors today!  For those of you that do NOT know, we moved from Minnesota to Texas in the last few weeks.  I went from only a few floors that needed to be mopped to now 90% of my floors need to be mopped (ceramic tile...LOVE IT)!  It is a bit more work, but I love how clean they are when I am done!

Super clean scrubbed floors is my Grandmother's obsession!!!  Now, while I do not go so far as to scrub them daily, I do have them steam mopped a few times a week.  My Bissell Steam Mop was a gift, one of my very favorite gifts!  Steam mopping is a vast improvement over Pine Sol or White Vinegar (I am not crazy about the smell of either of them).  My steam mop is also much easier on my back and knees than hand scrubbing the floor with an old rag and bucket (yes, I used to do this regularly).  

B.K. (Before kids) my floors were immaculate at all times like my Grandmothers, in fact a person probably could have eaten off of them!  I insisted on daily perfect vacuum lines in the carpeting also.  Well, I had the time; I was not a partier like most of the people I was acquainted with.  I enjoyed having company over for dinners and movie nights and glowed with the compliments of my very spotless apartment. 

Now of course, I do not have the same obsession with the immaculate floors as in the past, but I still like a clean house.  If you are into organic or green living, I would recommend the Steam Mopping Method, if you need a bit more "chemical" to have a cleaner feeling, I would highly recommend White Vinegar. And last but not least for flu season.  During any times of sickness in your home, tackle the floors (especially those that have been contaminated) with Bleach Bleach will kill off those nasty viruses and bacteria in one perfect shot!

Here is a video of the wrong way to scrub a floor: