Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adoption and Human Compassion

Today we went to the local animal shelter in hopes of finding a pet for each of the boys.  I think we did, but we want to go back and make sure that they boys not only are completely in love with them (an adorable Pomeranian and a gorgeous black tiger stripe kitty), but also that they will get along well together.

So here is my problem.  The only thing I am more passionate about than children needing forever families are animals needing forever families.  I fall for cats more than I fall for dogs, but this little Pom grabbed my heart when she ran right up to me, jumped in my arms and then started licking my face and nuzzling.  Yes, I am a softy for things like that.

Here is my dilemma.  They were not the only two animals in the shelter.  There were all these sad faces looking at me saying, "Please take me home."  Well I cannot take them all home, they just will not all fit, nor can I feed them all.  You know the sad faces I am talking Oliver or EchoIt just ripped my heart out!

The only thing harder than that for me was watching my babies board an airplane to fly away from me for three weeks.  But that is for another story.  The second hardest thing was when I was in Mexico on a missions trip.  I worked in two different orphanages and all I could say was, "Jesus loves you," and, "Where's the bathroom?" in Spanish.  It did not matter to those kids.  They craved the attention, the hugs the playtime and the affection.  I have never had twenty kids try to sit on my lap at once, not since that experience.

I was only there for a few days and then the director of my group made the executive decision to leave and avoid a hurricane.  The day I left, one of the little girls brought her brother with her and asked our translator to say this, "Will you please take us to America with you and be our mother?"  I was sixteen.  Of course I could not legally take them home with me and what a surprise that would have been to my mother!  I was very depressed by this for a long time.  But, there was nothing that I could do as a sixteen year old...except send support, which I did.  That just never seemed like enough though.  This little girl and her brother would be old enough to be graduated and possibly starting families of their own today.

That experience has never left me.  In fact to this day, I still dream of a large family.  I physically am not supposed to bear children anymore, but there are SO many children that need forever familiesMy husband and I have a desire to help as many as we can, but you know as well as we know that adoption processes take alot of time and alot of resources, resources that we do not currently have at our fingertips. 

Our heart is to adopt siblings so that they are not broken up.  I dream of the day when our house is bursting at the seams with family, even our boys say it is too quiet and are praying for more siblings to join our family.  At this point, we are just trying to get things in place and get our hearts ready for as many children as G-d has for us to care for, nurture and give a lasting legacy for them to build on forever.  I would be ecstatic with one and I would be ecstatic with twelve!

But, until that time and the resources are available to us, we will be welcoming two fuzzy adoptees into our home and giving them as much love as we possibly can.  They will bring some happiness and some much needed noise to our very calm household!