Monday, June 6, 2011

Analyzing and Realizing

I have been looking at several different blogs since I moved into in the "blog-o-sphere."  Every single day, I realize, "Wow...I am out of my league."  And then I get over it.  I am a fast learner, self-starter, and an "on my feet creative thinker."  I can do this.  Also, I daily remind myself that anything that is really, really is going to take some time, some patience and alot of work.  So needless to say, I can handle building a blog or three.

Let me share with you some other blogs that even though they are just a bit intimidating to me (over 8,000 followers, etc.), there is much to be gleaned from them.  I hope you too take the time to find a blog or two that inspires you to keep on moving, growing, and learning.  If you visit any of these blogs...please let them know that See Zwieg Run sent you! 

Crazy For Books   When I first started blogging, I was planning on just having a platform for book reviews.  Crazy For Books is solely book reviews and books and anything book related...nothing else.  I love her site, it is adorable and very nicely laid out, but I have not been able to limit myself to just one area yet...sadly.  I have a feeling she has over  2,000 followers and a very successful Blog Hop due to four areas:

  • Networking (Networked Blogs, GoodReads, etc.)
  • Email subscription.
  • A blog button in the side bar to spread the blog love.
  • A specifically carved niche.

Simply Stacie  After being in blog world for a time, I started to see all these blogs doing product reviews and giveaways.  I thought, "Wow!  How fun!  I want in!"  So I started (and continue) doing my research and started getting involved.  Simply Stacie kind of does everything, but I only want to promote what I truly believe in...I think the key to a great review or giveaway is passion.  From my humble opinion, I see Simply Stacie having worked at building her blog for a long time and key elements there are:

  • Layout: her site is very functional.
  • Niche: her site is ONLY product reviews and giveaways.
  • Networking: I know that she has her blog out there on Circle of Moms, Triberr, and many others.
  • Email Subscription: She has a great email which I subscribe to, easy to read and navigate.
  • She Helps Others: She has a free directory that your blog can be in, Mom Boost, Linky's and Blogger Resources and she is very open.
  • She has a button in her side bar that guests can take and use.
Generation Cedar  When I first decided to blog with the book reviews, I was not going to compromise my faith to do it.  Faith in my G-d, His Word and His Ways are primarily what defines who I am as well as the ebb and tide of this blog.  Generation Cedar is one of those blogs I look up to in the way she defines her faith.  She has never backed off the tough issues, instead, she willingly meets them head on possibly risking a loss of followers.  I think her tenacity for truth is what most people find appealing and therefore she has a large following and most of her "hard issue" posts have tons of responses!

I have a feeling that these ideas contribute to Generation Cedars popularity:

  • They have a store with their own books and products PLUS an affiliate program.
  • She networks...Circle of Moms, Internet Cafe, Shareaholic and others.
  • She has an email subscription (it is should sign up for it)!
  • She interviews and guest posts.
  • She has a button in her side bar that guests can take and use.
  • Niche: people who have read her blog know what they are getting.
Wilton-A Piece of Cake Blog  I love to cook and to bake so naturally I would choose a corporate food blog to try and glean some information from.  First off...most people who love to bake and eat desserts are familiar with the Wilton brand.  Thus, they will have readers for their blog.  They do not have just one person posting, rather I can tell there are at least three regulars that post, each with their own writing style.  There are plenty of text links and photos to keep the readers inspired and shopping.

Besides the name brand, I have a feeling that these elements help to work for them:

  • A search tool, this would be necessary for someone in a cooking bind to locate some kind of helpful hint or tip.
  • Archives and Categories for the same reason as stated above.
  • Email Subscription

See Zwieg Run  I am already working hard on networking.  And some things I have done have paid off, but others have not.  I need to forget what is not working and focus more on the things that do and then be flexible to incorporate new ideas.  The areas of improvement that I need to take the time to do are:

  • Finish my blog button.
  • Get a bit more networked.
  • Start an email subscription.
  • Continue finding ways to help other bloggers.
  • Define more of a niche.

How to Blog
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Angela said...

I went to Simply Stacie upon reading your review. I'm letting her know you sent me.

And I'm so loving your enthusiasm with the Build A Better Blog stuff!

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Awww...thank you so much Angela! :)

Terri said...

Great post! I also feel like I am out of my league on the blog stuff. I am trying hard to find what works for me. I realize when I just blog what comes naturally to me, I am much happier. I have started and stopped blogging several times over the past few years only because I was forcing it. Now, I'm just me. :) Thanks so much for the links and I'm off to find new ways to network! BTW, I'm your newest follower! Have a great day!

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing all of these! Great ideas for building my own blog. :)

I'm stopping by from the HHH!

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Thank you so much Terri and Kristi for the nice comments...I hope any information I have on here will help others as much as possible. I am so new to this is almost seems haughty for me to say that I can help others already... :)

Abundantly Blessed said...

I love your blog! I know the feeling of 'being out of my league' compared to other bloggers but I only use mine for family/friends anyway. I figure each person's blog is their own personal journal of sorts and since we are all unique in every other way why not in the way we blog too!? =)

YEA! I can post comments again!!!!

Mrs. Zwieg said...

Thank you so much Vania! You are always so uplifting! :)

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing these links. I want to grow as a blogger. I think it's such a great way to bless and encourage others!
I found your link through the HH Hop. :) ~Rachel