Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reshaping It All...Day 38

In my Day 31 Post, I shared a list of questions that need answering.  And these questions and answers may or may not be what you need...but I need them.  In choosing to participate in this challenge, I think I have chosen to go beyond natural senses and just lay down my idea of food for G-d's.  To me, that is the way it should be and if anyone else chooses to go along with it...great!  If not, I am content to make these changes on my own.

The first question is: "What does the Bible say about food?"

To answer this question, I am going to stay with the Torah (the law...G-d's rules for living a blessed life in the world He created).  There is just way too much contradiction if I were to step over into the Brit Chadashah (New Testament).  I am not writing this to start a fight, debate or heated argument.  Rather, let's just lay our pre-conceived ideas aside and really take a look at what is there in the Torah.

Leviticus 11:2-44 has a great list of what to and not to eat.  The oral Torah...or the law as expounded on upon by the Rabbi's does help in some of the confusing areas to explain the how's.  Science has actually caught up with the Kashrut (Kosher) diet to prove that it is the way to go!  Many clean eaters are Kosher and they don't even realize it!  Let's come to terms that the Creator of the Universe knew what he was doing, let's just try to accept it.

Something that we need to keep straight when looking at His Word is that G-d originally set up this planet to be perfect.  Everything had order.  Some animals were never meant to be eaten...they naturally cleaned the planet.  Pigs are excellent janitors on land as are lobsters in the ocean.  Yet, man in his ignorance has upset this balance among many others and this is where so much chaos is coming from.  I won't sugar coat the word...the balance has been upset through stupidity.

One of the main ideas that I really embraced is keeping meat and dairy separate.  This was SO hard for me!  I am a cheeseburger lover!  But, after doing some research on this there are plenty of doctors out there that will back up this idea that combined meat and dairy stimulate cancer cells.  It also does not help you digest your food well either.

Another great fact about cancer is that garlic, onions, citrus, and properly fermented grapes (wine) all help to fight cancer.  These are all things G-d made except for wine.  However, you do find wine in many positive places in Scripture.  We personally do not keep it in the house and I do not drink, but for those who drink one or two glasses a week for their health, I cannot argue with the science behind it.

Do you realize that the human body is an amazing machine?  We have a brain that no super computer will ever be able to replicate!  The designer of our bodies gave us a manual for the correct ways to take care of them.  In fact, the early church would have continued to eat this way...they knew about G-d's way of staying healthy and were not ignorant to His ways.  Therefore, why should we choose ignorance when it is all right there in plain sight?  Even now as modern science is not able to contradict His Word which is millenniums old...can we really choose to ignore it now?


I have loved this challenge to reshape it all and get my mind focused where it should be!  I have tried so many new recipes and found so many new ways to enjoy the foods that G-d created.  In fact, just this week I had a cheeseburger!  No, not your normal cheeseburger.  It was a Black Bean Burger topped with soy cheese and lots of thick slices of tomato!  Oh my goodness but that was yummy!  Instead of fries on the side I had one piece of sweet corn on the cob plain...no salt or butter and it was amazing!  Of course there are many other recipes I can share with you...but I think I am going to pace it out so that you will come back.

Won't you take a few minutes to ask yourself and then G-d how you can better obey His manual for taking care of the body He gave you?  As a follower of the Creator of the Universe, I do not believe there is reincarnation.  We only have one shot at life, one body to live in and one ultimate decision to make.  Won't you consider reshaping your life today in a way that pleases Him?

613 Mitzvot as talked about in the video.