Wednesday, May 25, 2011

21 Days of Prayers For Sons and FREE e-Book!!!

Yes...that is correct!  Brooke McGlothlin is giving away her e-Book, "Warrior Prayers, Praying The Word For Boys In The Areas They Need It Most," for FREE!!!

Here is how to obtain your copy:

Post one of these links to your Social Media Page as your status (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.):

or you can blog about this Giveaway...or do all three!

Please visit Brooke's blog:

To obtain your copy you must email her with your status information at: warriorprayers (at) gmail (dot) com.


BLT said...

Oh Yeah! I forgot about myspace being a social network! Thank YOU for reposting this (because your reading audience is a LOT bigger than mine!)! :D

Mrs. Zwieg said...

LOL!!! Well...I missed a couple of weeks of building readership, but am still plugging away to get it back up there!

I am SO excited for this! How neat to be a part of something that will benefit the boys? :)