Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doing Virtuous Business, by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Doing Virtuous Business, by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is an intensely inspiring book for anyone involved in business.  Spiritual Ethics require a much higher standard than the level of ethics as taught in most liberal institutions.  This book details these higher ethics while also giving examples of businesses that abide by these ethics.
All in all, I found this to be a fabulous book!  In the past I worked for some very high level companies and can see where the higher form of ethics was scoffed at thus creating an impoverished work atmosphere.  Now that I run my own small business as well as managing my household, I have the freedom to incorporate these lessons learned into not only how I do business, but also how I raise my children (our potential entrepreneurs), manage the home and every other area of life!
I was pleasantly surprised at the various businesses that do abide by these ethics.  Without giving away too much I will tell you that my favorite business mentioned in this book is owned by a classical stoneworker.  His very essence of life is shown in how he not only does business, but also in his designs.   His deep set beliefs emanate in every part of his life, he does not keep them put away neatly to be taken out only at home.  This is only one example of someone that I would love to partner with to build a better world.
I highly recommend this book to any business owner or worker who is concerned about the ethical atmosphere of the company they work in.  I also encourage Keepers of Homes and Family Managers to pick up this book, mothers with a small home based business or Home Educators looking for a supplement to teaching economics, business math or ethics.

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