Wednesday, April 20, 2011

News and Know How 4.20.11

In The Know

Super clean scrubbed floors is my Grandmother's obsession!!!  Now, while I do not go so far as to scrub them daily, I do have them steam mopped a few times a week.  My Bissell Steam Mop was a gift, one of my very favorite gifts!  Steam mopping is a vast improvement over Pine Sol or White Vinegar (I am not crazy about the smell of either of them).  My steam mop is also much easier on my back and knees than hand scrubbing the floor with an old rag and bucket (yes, I used to do this regularly).  

B.K. (Before kids) my floors were immaculate at all times like my Grandmothers, in fact a person probably could have eaten off of them!  I insisted on daily perfect vacuum lines in the carpeting also.  Well, I had the time; I was not a partier like most of the people I was acquainted with.  I enjoyed having company over for dinners and movie nights and glowed with the compliments of my very spotless apartment. 

Now of course, I do not have the same obsession with the immaculate floors as in the past, but I still like a clean house.  If you are into organic or green living, I would recommend the Steam Mopping Method, if you need a bit more "chemical" to have a cleaner feeling, I would highly recommend White Vinegar. And last but not least for flu season.  During any times of sickness in your home, tackle the floors (especially those that have been contaminated) with Bleach Bleach will kill off those nasty viruses and bacteria in one perfect shot!

Here is a video of the wrong way to scrub a floor:

In The News

1.  Moral Relativity.  Oh yes, it is everywhere in the news!  To sum up moral relativity, people who embrace this idea believe there are no moral absolutes.  What may not be right for one person may be right for another.  What these people (Bureaucrats, politicians, and other easily swayed lawmakers) believe is that Mother Theresa and Hitler were both Saints.  Horrifying to me, but not to someone that does not believe in moral absolutes such as the Ten Commandments (Thou Shalt Not Covet is a moral absolute).  Watch for it, you will see this everywhere...I would even challenge you to do a Google search for "Moral Relativism In The News."

2.  The Abortion Debate.  It really does not matter how far back Roe v. Wade goes.  This issue is still a very hot topic!  Remember a post that I had earlier celebrating our Creator?  I had a quote that said,

"The question of our origin is of supreme importance, it is the basis of our identity and our destiny.  The models with which we identify profoundly influence our behaviour; the man who believes he came from a beast may be more inclined to behave like a beast.  The image is not only degrading but dangerous."
  ~William Fix

Sadly, more animals have care and concern over their unborn and their offspring than many humans do.  In essence this proves the theory that we are not evolving into something higher, but rather devolving into something lower.

3. Chivalry. Chivalry is not dead, but for many women they will never find a man that can adequately show true chivalry.  With the rise of the feminist movement, the famed Birkenhead Drill, "Women and Children First," has sadly been attacked on nearly every level.  Suffragettes chose to attack chivalry and their descendants have chosen to effeminate their sons and husbands thus creating an entire generation of boys that neither know what the Birkenhead Drill was, nor would they adhere to it if their honor depended on it.  Today, chivalry is merely opening a door for a lady.  But, there are a few young men in the making who will rally together again under the banner of Chivalrous Manhood thanks to the training of their mothers and the leading of their fathers.  Will your son be one of those?

4. Birth Control.  The numbers of people who use some form or other of birth control in the church is astonishing.  Why is this astonishing?  Because one of the first commands that Jehovah gave His Creation was, "Go forth, be fruitful and multiply..."  Sadly, like our United States Constitution, if it does not fit into our own selfish agenda, we ignore the command or try and bend it to our own rules.  For some denominations, "confession" will get them out of not obeying God's command for others it is a perverted form of grace as stated in Jude 4.

5.  Are you aware that America was not great until 1965?  I was unaware of this knowledge until last week.  Up until that moment last week, I really honored people like President George Washington and President John Adams, President Samuel Adams and President Abraham Lincoln.  But, apparently I was in the wrong to do so according to our current President because America was not great until we had a full fledged welfare program in 1965.  This almost made me cry to think that Socialism (remember the Nazi's were the National Socialist Party, I for one do NOT want to be like that) is thought of more highly than the true freedom of a Republic.

6. Passover.  This week we celebrate Passover with Israel, the Jewish People and the Messianic Jews.  Yes, Passover is in the news!

8. Government Spending.  It saddens me that lack of self control that is found in our government.  Most of our "programs" are Un-Constitutional and need to be cut out completely.  The Federal Government as founded by our amazing forefathers was never meant to "own" any corporations such as Amtrak and the Department of Education, etc.  It is a very long list.  The only reason most people do not approve defunding EVERYTHING is that it would cause everyone to come out of their comfort zones and most people cannot handle that kind of change for the better.

9.  Day of Dialogue.  This is a new one for me.  I had been a part of "See You At The Pole" while I was a part of the public school system, but we did not have a need for this then...I kid you not, it was a small town.  Though I am not a fan of federal funded educational institutions, I do agree with allowing Christians to speak out since every other group and their cousin is allowed to flaunt their lifestyle or beliefs.  Evening the playing field is a welcome gesture.

10. Fun Things.  Here are just a few fun tidbits that are out there, I hope you have fun with these!


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Abundantly Blessed said...

Lot of info packed into this post!! lol

I used to scrub floors with an old rag and bucket, too!! =) My steam mop is now my friend!! lol!!

I used to have a perfectly immaculate house even after my son was born...until I saw my 10 month old lining up his toys in height order. I decided at that point I needed to lay off the perfectionism a bit. (he still, to this day, has his things in perfect order..either by height, size, type or color)

Hope you have a great week!!!


Mar'ah said...

How cute! My sons are just the opposite and I shudder to think of what their homes will look like if they do not have a wife (who cares) that will keep it looking spiffy...

You have a great week too! :)

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