Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tuesday Review 4.12.11


Our family devours books almost as much as the various decadent forms of chocolate!  So, Tuesday is the day for the review!  Hence the name, "The Tuesday Review..."  Every Tuesday you can expect some new book and perhaps even a DVD or product once in awhile.  I will let you know my ideas about it, honestly, and share if my family has enjoyed it or anyone else that I know of.

Today the review is for a favorite of ours, "Oxford Astronomy Encyclopedia", edited by Sir Patrick Moore.  You have nearly everything astronomy from A-Z including Argyre Planitia, Kreutz Sungrazer, Zap Crater, Porrima, Geodesic, and Speckle Interferometry. 

After watching Hubble IMAX twice with Grandpa, we have gotten quite a bit of use out of this book.  We also just enjoy sitting down as a family and reading about something new from time to time while trying to spell the really hard words without looking.

The boys get the most use out of this book for information they need for their reports and research papers in addition to our other reference books and their textbooks.  I just love having as many resource books available as possible around the house and the,"Oxford Astronomy Encyclopedia," is definitely one that gets quite a bit of wear.

The photos, graphs, drawings and charts are all quite clear and you can easily get the point of what is being explained.  All in all, I give this book five beautiful stars as a much needed reference book, especially if your family just loves to learn!

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Unknown said...

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