Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In The Know and In The News


I am so glad that you stopped over to the Wednesday Know-How and News!  This is the first in hopefully a long line of these fun days...a tip of some kind for "In The Know," and news from around the world for, "In The News."  Sweet, simple and to the point!

In The Know

This week, we are going to address ironing.  I enjoy ironing.  That was my chore from when I was about eleven or twelve until I moved out (amongst many other things).  We were always dressed up for Sunday and there were many other occasions in which we wore nicely ironed clothing as well.  The ironing basket was always heaping, but I did not mind it, I rather enjoyed it!

Now, my husband needs to dress well and present himself well on the job, and my sons are starting to dress better as well.  Men look so professional, clean and neat in a nice button down shirt that is crisply ironed. I am teaching my sons that how they dress on the outside should and does reflect on the man they are becoming on the inside.  In other words, "Dress to impress (when the occasion calls for it)."

On a more personal note...perhaps even a selfish perspective on ironing for my family.  I was raised to believe that how my family presents themselves is a direct reflection on me.  My Grandmother always said, "If my husband walks out of the house looking like I do not take care of him, some other woman will take him home and take care of him."  Hmmmm...those are some deep words to ponder.  And as we all know...Grandma was always right!

In The News

Government Spending  Do you expect the government to stay within a budget like your own household?

More on Government Spending  When the funds are just not you do major spending cuts and live frugally or raise your families debt ceiling?  What do you expect from "Professionals?"

Your Privacy  Do you understand just how much privacy you do not have?

Israel  We stand with Israel.

The Cowboy Libertarian  Some much needed straight talk.


Christy said...

I iron a mens shirt almost the same - but my iron must not be as good because I need starch and a bit more time. Thanks though for showing this it took me a long time to learn it on my own!

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

I'm glad at least SOMEONE likes to iron! That gives me a little bit of hope, knowing that it is possible!