Friday, March 25, 2011

Twelve Year Old Genius

I have always been amazed at what the human brain is capable of.  It is the most intricately designed machine that humans will never be able to duplicate.  Even the most advanced super computer cannot come close to the detailed design of the human brain.  What a beautiful piece of Creation with the Creator's fingerprint!

In the news currently is the twelve year old genius, Jacob Barnett.  His IQ is higher than Einsteins!  He is now studying astrophysics at IUPUI (Indiana/Purdue) and literally had flown through algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus in two weeks.  This is amazing!  However, what is even more amazing is it seems that he will be using his God given gift for the ultimate Glory of disprove the Big Bang theory! 

Contrary to modern opinion, The Big Bang and Evolution have only ever been a theory.  These have never been proven, but are taught as fact in federal funded institutions.  These theories are even accepted in most churches today as they become more state controlled instead of God ordained. 

This is a wonderful time to reflect on ourselves.  Are we really and truly using our gifts and talents for the ultimate Glory of God, the King and Creator of the Universe?  This is a beautiful time in life to truly reflect and take inventory of our priorities and lifestyles.  How are we using that amazing part of God's Creation that we call the brain?

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