Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Complete Flower Arranger's Companion, by Neophytou, Bacon, Morris, Hatala, and Reeves

Description: Demonstrates how to successfully create stunning floral designs using fresh, dried, and artificial flowers, providing innovated suggestions for more than one hundred gifts and arrangements.

My Thoughts: This is one of the best books I have seen so far with flower arranging! Fresh flowers are not always easily accessible in some climates (or a horrendous price) and when flower gardens die, artificial or dried flowers are the only alternatives in some hostesses budgets.

The full color photographs are beautiful and extremely enticing! The ideas are very ingenious and quite delightful and refreshing. The Directory of Flowers and Foliage is very helpful. The authors are very good about what is needed for tools and techniques.

Overall, this book is excellent! If you are like me and lacking in a green thumb, but want a natural approach to decorating...try some of these dried flower arrangements, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised!