Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Celebration Nation!

Recently, I found a site, The Celebration Nation, that I have to share with others!  I think for most busy moms it can prove to be very helpful and informative and best of all...it is FREE to join!  Let me highlight what I enjoy about it!

First of all, at The Celebration Nation there are FREE party planning ideas!  There are ideas on everything from fall and winter themes to Anniversaries and Birthdays!  Some of my favorite ideas are Game Night, Academy Awards and International Friend Day.  What are some of your favorites?

The Celebration Nation is brand spankin' new!  If you love saying, "Remember when..." then this is the place to get started on right away!  There is a team of fabulous guys and gals (some of whom I know personally) and they are working very hard to make this the best celebration planning site ever!  The team behind The Celebration Nation is easily accessible!  You can find them on TwitterFacebook, or you can email or telephone them.  Do you have questions or ideas?  They are willing to listen and work with you!  Of course, what would a fun new site be without a blog?  Stop in and say hi at The Celebration Nation blog!

Another reason to LOVE The Celebration Nation is the "My Reminders" feature!  Just type in your upcoming parties and get togethers, Shabbat reminders and Feasts and then pick when you want to be emailed a reminder!  This is a fabulous tool that is oh, so helpful!  I have been using this now for several weeks!  And I am so thankful as I forget regularly to log into my Outlook Calendar that does NOT send me reminders by email!

Stuck for ideas?  Join The Celebration Nation "Community Forum" and bounce some ideas off of other readers! Need help with a Thanksgiving Menu or a New Year's Party?  Talk to the others who are involved with the same celebrations!  If you join today, you will be one of the first members to help steer where the conversations go!  Another way to help with your party planning ideas is the "My Favorites" section of the website.  Here is the place, similar to Pinterest where you can save the articles related to your future event.  Or...if you just need folders for event planning inspiration for a "someday" event, that works too!

If you end up loving The Celebration Nation as much as I do, then by all means you can join to become an Ambassador like me!  There is no cost, no investment...you just simply try and help busy people simplify their lives with the celebrations that already exist in them.  Everyone celebrates something...why not help take the stress out of it for them and suggest a visit to The Celebration Nation?

One stop shopping with The Celebration Nation.  IF you are short on time and do alot of online shopping, you are certainly welcome to take advantage of their partners which include Carlson Craft, Lillian Vernon, and Current just to name a few.  You can send an e-invitation through their partner E-Vite and check out recipes for your party with their partner AllRecipes.com!  The team does try to make things as simple as possible for the users!

Of course if you still have questions about The Celebration Nation, you can always check out their FAQ's page!  It is brimming over with great questions and answers.  What do you think of the Celebration Nation?  Are you interested in being a part of a brand new company either as a member or as an Ambassador?

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