Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reshaping It All, by Candace Cameron Bure with Darlene Schacht

Reshaping It All is a book dedicated to helping women get over their cravings for food and reshape their diet while reshaping their mindset.  This book has an overtly Christian theme and is peppered with Scripture and quotes throughout.  The author, Candace Cameron Bure was formerly on the sitcom, “Full House,” and many fans were very excited about this book.  This book is co-authored with Darlene Schacht, author of the Time-Warp Wife Blog.

My Thoughts On This Book:  Personally, I was very disappointed with this book.  There is just so much emphasis on the, “I, Me, My,” way of losing weight while trying to throw in Scripture here and there.  I understand where they are coming from…I was taught the same things in church and in Bible School.  However, I can no longer agree with that mindset.

HaShem gave us the diet we must live by in Leviticus and yet, based on centuries of misinterpreting Peters dream in the New Testament, people who claim to “know G-d” or “follow His ways” and even “accept the Bible as the literal Word of G-d” still deny His laws about food.  Instead of looking...really looking at Scripture, there are great ideas, man-made ideas.  Yes, some of them are scientific such as portion control, etc.  But, is science alone (with a small smattering of Scripture) supposed to shape the mind of a Christian?  Perhaps with humanistic christianity.

The ideas and recipes in this book contradict what HaShem has already stated several millennia ago.  In fact science has now caught up with the kosher diet and proven it to be truth (a fact, not a humanistic approach)!  Yet, there are still “believers” that deny that Yeshua was a Torah Observant Jew and still claim to walk in His ways…which would have included the kosher diet, which they do NOT follow nor intend to due to "freedom in Christ."  I find that idea far too contradictory to accept any longer.
“Do we then make void the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law.”
Romans 3:31

So basically, I see this as just another run of the mill book that is marketed for motivation without the crucial substance needed.  This book will do well with most Christians as you can still eat whatever you want to eat, however you want to eat it and then just pray for healing later when sickness and disease set in.  I would like to make perfectly clear that I have no problem with either of the authors as women or human beings, I only have a problem with the content of this book.