Friday, July 1, 2011

The Growing Tide of War Against Our Children

Do you keep up on current events?  I do.  Nothing is more pressing on me than what is happening to our children.  There are so many adults that choose to make laws, out of ignorance (?), that potentially harm our children in ways that are devastating to them as individuals and also to our country as a whole. 

Let me ask you, how much would our country lose if the government steps in and tells the Amish that they can no longer teach their children the old ways?  What if the government stepped in and told the Orthodox Jewish community they could no longer teach their children Torah?  What if the government stepped in and told homesteaders and farmers that the children could not drink raw milk or do chores.  If the bureaucrats can dictate how are children are raised...what is left for our Country and what is left for our children?

Are we left with a choice?  I say yes!  Emphatically YES!!!  I choose to raise my children to be more productive, well educated and grounded in morals; beyond any bureaucrat legislation.  I choose to raise my children to discern the truth and stand boldly for the truth.  I am standing with parents across the country for their rights and the rights of our children as future parents.

So, what can you do?

Get Involved In Your State
Consider Attending or Hosting a Showing of The Child
Add their Button to your Blog