Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reshaping It All...Day 45

Yes, I am still with it!  Would you like to see my new workout routine?

Here she is:
Her name is Coco and the workout is at 6am.  And yes, she is as adorable and cuddly and cute as her picture...which actually does not do her justice.

One to the main theme for today...

In Day 31 I posted a list of questions that I personally need answered.  On Day 38, I started with question 1.  Please click the links if you are new and would like to be updated.Today, I am moving on to question 2:

Should I be concerned if the Bible mentions food?

This question can only be answered based on your perspective.  If you believe the Bible is just an old book with a few good ideas, you should probably find another blog to read.  However, if you believe that the Word of G-d is THE manual for life, inspired by the Creative Creator Himself, then obviously you should be very concerned if the Bible mentions food.

Let's take a moment and consider the human body.  It is quite complex.  Every living cell in your body holds more information that the largest supercomputers combined.  Your cells are programmed to heal, renew every seven years or so, and combat things that should not be in your body.  You have a very complex machine that you alone are in charge of.  Did you know that even your words and thoughts can affect your physical body?  Words and thoughts are not even a "touchable" property, so how much more will food affect your body?Your physical body is a vehicle in which you fulfill the purpose and plan for your life.  However, it is the only one you have.  You do not get a back up earth suit to try again if you wreck this one. 

Before I decided that G-d knew what He was talking about, I tried it all.  Crash dieting, anorexia, body building, diet pills, etc.  That of course is stupidity...but when you are young and the advertisements and marketing are more fun to believe than doing your own research...you do dumb things.  That is an obvious way to be stupid about taking care of your body.  However, what about the people that do not read the ingredients on the labels, research the chemicals used in commercially processed produce, or just take the FDA's word that all of their "approved" items are great for human consumption.  What about the people that actually believe the government food pyramid is healthy...because they have chosen not to do their own research?  That does not sound too promising either.

So, when the Bible mentions food, I have started seriously taking it to heart.  As you know, our family began the process of eating Kosher a few months back and it did (and sometimes still does) take some getting used to.  What is Kosher?  It is following G-d's diet plan that He laid out in the Torah.  I have a sneaky suspicion that eating Kosher was set in place with the Patriarchs long before Moshe wrote it down, but it needed to be written down to be remembered after spending four hundred years eating the Egyptian way which is not Kosher.

Our family has also been very careful about the type of food we eat.  Naturally grown vegetables with no chemicals are what we strive to find and purchase (and grow).  We choose primarily dried beans over canned (BPA Hazard).  We have been dehydrating our own excess and just did eight pounds of strawberries yesterday.  I will be canning as much of our own food as possible on top of dehydrating so that we are eating food where we can name all of the ingredients and the process used to grow and preserve.

In doing my research and choosing to keep my family healthy I have also opted to change alot of our favorite recipes to use whole wheat flour instead of white and olive oil instead of vegetable oil.  After reading the ingredients on alot of pre-packaged seasonings, I have chosen to start mixing my own and keep out the unnecessary sugar.  We also choose healthy granola either homemade ourselves or from a Co-op.  We do not eat sugar cereals.  My children love peanut butter and though it took a bit of time, they now prefer organic peanut butter that is ONLY made with peanuts rather than the sugary paste.  We have also learned that Almond Milk while very low in fat (35 calories per serving) is also very creamy, rich and tastes much better than skim milk! 

Our food discoveries have shown us that choosing to eat according to G-d's plan laid out in the Torah, we are fuller longer, have more energy, and we do not eat as much as we did with the toxic commercially processed foods.  In learning to separate our way of eating from the culture's way of eating we are learning how to also keep the rest of our lifestyle separate from the culture.  Fitting in means being unhealthy, uninformed and uninterested.  We have chosen to be counter culture and obey the Torah...in the process we are getting healthy, more informed and very interested in what the Bible has to say about food and everything else!

"Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s."
1 Corinthians 6:19-20