Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Tips to Make Your Visit at Grandma’s More Memorable

I think I am closer to my Maternal Grandmother than I was even to my own mother.  She spent a good deal of my life raising me and since my mom passed away, my Grandmother really is more of a mother to me and also my best friend.  After years of training from my family I have recently been shocked and appalled by the lack of respect that most of my generation as well as those after me regard their older family members.  So I have taken it upon myself to write this list from both experience and also from that old fashioned idea called manners.

1.       Always offer to help…whether it is dishes, setting up her new DVD player or mowing her lawn.  Be ready and prepared to help her with anything and everything without asking for anything in return.  This is the “old” way of doing things and is appreciated by the older generations when they do not have to ask for help.

2.       Compliment!  Make sure to compliment Grandma on her dinner, new dress, or perhaps the new knick knack that you had not noticed before.  Grandmas are people too and they like compliments.

3.       Ask to see what she has been doing to keep herself busy.  Does she garden, knit, crochet or scrapbook?  Perhaps she is a golfer and you could go play a round with her or if she likes to shop, take her shopping!  Does she sew?  Start a conversation about the different fashion fads she has lived though, what was her favorite?

4.       Let her tell you stories.  Older people love to “remember the good old days,” and sometimes they just need someone to listen to them.  You never know, perhaps you will find out some helpful family information and wisdom or a great joke to pass along!

5.       Play some games.  There is not one older person that I have met that does not love a good round of cards or dominoes.  Even my Grandfather who had a severe stroke plays with us despite his other limitations.

6.       Ask to look through her old photographs.  Become familiar with how she grew up visually.  Not everyone had a camera back in their day so even one or two small pictures would be grounds to start a great conversation.

7.       Take your own pictures.  Life is short and precious and even young healthy people cannot guarantee tomorrow.  Take pictures every time you are together so those memories can live on and on!

8.       Respect her beliefs.  Remember, she is older than you and has lived longer than you.  If she believes a certain way, there is most likely a good reason for it.  Do not be quick to get her into your new fad or ideas, instead listen and learn, apply wisdom and be encouraging to her.

9.       Watch your mouth!  A high school dropout who has a great grasp on the appropriate language (as I have readers from all over the world) will be more successful in Grandma’s eyes than someone who has several degrees but chooses to express themselves with cursing, slander, or profanity.  In short, remember your manners.

10.   Hugs!!!  You simply cannot get enough hugs from Grandma’s!  My Grandmother’s, both of them, hug like no others.  Each hug is unique and I just love them and it is hard to let go.  Be sure that your visit involves two hugs at the very least!

I want to hear from you…what are your favorite memories visiting your Grandparents? 

If you no longer have your own Grandparents, have you thought of adopting some from a local nursing home? 

What are your thoughts?

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Miranda said...

Great tips! Especially #4 - that probably makes hem so happy, no matter how much we get tired of it :) Thanks for visiting my blog for #commenthour! said...

what a wonderful post! These always come easy from the heart though because I know I just love my Grandma! :) and should be practices that we always use with one another- family or not.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I've got to tell you, this post hits home to me because my grandmother (who is my last living grandparent) is very sick and in the hospital now. I love my grandma but haven't talked to her as much as I'd like and now I'm faced with the fact that she may not be around much longer. You've helped me see that I can still do so much more.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Good tips (especially the one about watching your mouth)! I didn't want to leave this on your giveaway post so I came here. Thanks for linking up to NOBH. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are spot on! I was really young when my grandparents passed on so I don't remember them too well or I didn't even get to meet them. But my parents have kept them alive through their stories and now I watch how they are as grandparents and absolutely adore them for it. I love talking to elders now and know there is a lot of weight in the stories they share. Great timeless piece that can be posted every year! Good job!

ICStarzz said...

I love this. My grandmother is so important to me, I try to visit her when ever I can. My favorite in your list is 'Let her tell you stories', because I think this is really important. It was a very different world back then, the stories can be informative, interesting, and might bring you closer, and also enable you to pass on the memories of them.
Thanks for writing such a meaningful post, I love being reminded of how much I love and appreciate that she's still here with me.