Friday, May 13, 2011

Unsurpassed Masterpiece!

I have just finished reviewing “The Book That Made Your World, How The Bible Created The Soul of Western Civilization,” by Vishal Mangalwadi.  This unsurpassed masterpiece details and highlights the events through history that have shaped our modern western culture.  He travels through Britain, India, America and many other places revealing suppressed history and hidden truths about our ancestors, governments, and beliefs of many different religions.

This book is an eye opener even for people that have a good grasp on theology and its relation to cultures and societies.  I have been an avid reader and took a serious interest in the Bible as a young teenager.  My whole life has revolved around this passion and belief in the written Word of God.  However, even with all the books I have read, lectures I have attended, and hours upon hours of study, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much information was in this book that I had not been exposed to.
In this book, Mr. Mangwaldi addresses:
·         Socialism and its counterparts
·         The various forms of Paganism
·         Technology
·         Humanity
·         Rationality
·         Heroism
·         Literature
·         Science
·         Many, many more topics that are all brilliantly written!
Through the chapters of this book, I was in tears through the saddest of circumstances and yet rejoiced with the author at the handiwork of our Lord in the joys of life!  I was humbled to pray for people that have a worldview so contrary to my own as Mr. Mangalwadi describes beautifully the mindset of whole cultures that embrace death and where those mindsets have come through an intellectual viewpoint. 
Mr. Mangalwadi shares some very personal stories and insights in this book along with the rich history.  Without going into too much detail, the story that struck me the most was the little girl of only eighteen months  whom they tried to save, but was ultimately the victim of a mercy killing by her family.  The way the family was described gave me a new outlook on why America is so ready and willing to kill its unborn children and why mercy killings are becoming more and more “normal” and “accepted” in America.  This has also challenged me to pray even more for those who cannot pray for themselves yet.
This book needs to be in every Library, University and Bookstore.  The information in this book is critical to our future generations.  Mr. Mangalwadi says it beautifully, “Endarkenment,” is the term we are truly living in, not Enlightenment.  We lost the light a very long time ago, but there is a chance that we can find it again if we choose to look for the true light and not an imitation.
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I saw this book and was somewhat interested in it, but now that I've read your review I'm definitely going to check it out.

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