Friday, May 13, 2011

Amazing Love, by Corrie Ten Boom (Audiobook)

“Amazing Love,” by Corrie Ten Boom.  This dear sweet lady wrote about her experiences and travels after living in the horrors of the concentration camps during World War II.  She shares different stories of different people as well as cultures and the beautiful thread of God’s amazing love that was able to touch each person.
I do want to say just a few words about the narrarator, Nadia May.  She has the warmest voice!  I melted right into the book as Ms. May began to speak.  Her accent is lovely and she is very easy to understand.  I truly hope to hear more books narrarated by her in the future!
Growing up, I read Corrie’s book, “The Hiding Place,” for a book report and was so horrified at the trials that this woman had to endure.  To have been able to listen to her story now, years later, and the intense love that our Heavenly Father had for this woman, a humble watchmaker, it brought new revelation of what a wonderful God we serve.  Instead of allowing herself to become embittered, she made the choice to allow the love of God to shine through her life.
I was so pleased to listen to the different people that Corrie was able to touch with the love of God!  Inmates in various prison cells, Hollywood stars, and even the very people who had abused her and her sister in the concentration camps.  She chose the high road, to love, not to hate. 
Corrie Ten Boom by far is one of the most inspirational people I have ever read about.  Her simple faith will challenge you to move beyond the limitations that we have been taught to place within our own lives.  She does not judge, but she does pose a challenge to live out the love of God, rather than just talk about it.  She has a very timely message for the culture and society in which we live in today.  I hope you will consider adding this book to your collection!
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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I love The Hiding Place. I can never forget the part where the two sisters are with the group that must stay in the area with all the fleas!

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Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Ah, The Hiding Place! Such a great read--but I had no idea she'd written anything else! Thanks so much for the info--I'm going to find myself a copy.