Monday, May 16, 2011

How Does G-d View Women?

Marvelous Monday!

Have you ever wondered if there is a place for women in G-d's plan?  I have heard so many people say that G-d hates women and I have always wondered what in the world happened to those people to believe in such a way?  There is an underlying reason and cause to everything if we are willing to search it out.  In this video, Dr. Ravi Zacharias beautifully describes how G-d views women.  This is one message that you will not want to miss!

I would love to know your thoughts on what Dr. Zacharias has said.  What is your worldview, how have you been taught to view G-d and his thoughts on women? 


Anonymous said...

This was very good! I have been raised to believe that women are vital in His ministry. We are often the glue that holds families together and that we bring a certain something into every circumstance and situation that would be totally lacking without us. I also believe that woman was FAR more than just a rib bone of woman. She was actually a part of his soul and physical being, making us a perfect counterpart and necessary part to man, hence, finding your soulmate completes you. Looking beyond Eve, we see SO very women in the Word who had much to offer to G-d, one of my favorites being Esther. The biggest thing that I see is that many issues concerning anything Biblical are taken totally out of context and cause so much spiritual harm, and further more, give cause for excuses to sin. Just understanding all the feminine characteristics of G-d help us understand G-d's view on women.

Mar'ah said...

I just loved Dr. Zacharias response! He was so logical that I don't see how anyone could logically argue against him.

I was also raised to believe that women have great worth and value in the eyes of God. We have such a beautiful and special role and I love that! I love being a part of the plan of God!

not accidentally tuesday said...

If you read ALL the scripture, women were used many times in the bible. I know that God uses women in many different ways. Blessings, Debbie

Moira said...

Spoken very well by Dr.Zacharias. A women has a very intricate role. Remember the two become one, without woman Adam is only half of a whole!